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A Degree For Me

This is what makes A Degree For Me different from any other Student Tuition Organization, ever. We provide our scholarship students with free College Admission and Financial Aid Application support through our ApplicationPrep.org website. Not only will we help students with their plan and materials preparation, we will link them with many of the world’s most powerful and professional college prep partners. We put the best resources in one place www.adegreeforme.org Our ApplicationPrep program is designed to assist our needs-based students and families prepare for life after college.

Throughout our relationship with A Degree For Me students and families we encourage the student to continually record and store any relevant academic, performance, or experiential information to their profile. We also encourage families to keep their economic data updated.

When our scholarship students reach 8th grade we begin a discussion about the college application and financial aid process. We offer insights to and suggestions about the kind of content they should be adding to their profile page. We also advise parents on the need to keep their economic profile data page current.

In addition to guiding them through the data-capture process we share with them information from vetted and trusted third party organizations about the rigors of applying for and gaining entrance into colleges and universities.

When the student begins the college application process, we help them to seamlessly migrate the academic and financial information we have captured to the specific college admission and financial application forms.