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A Diploma For Me – Why It’s Different

This is our number one priority. The Arizona Private School Tax Credit program allows us to receive contributions from Arizona Taxpayers for the specific purpose of providing scholarships and tuition assistance to students who attend private schools. Your contributions make it possible for any student who has the desire to attend the private schools of their choice.

We work with private schools across the state to assist them in securing contributions from the local families, community members and corporations. We work with any and all private schools regardless of faith or financial need. We believe that providing all students with a quality education is a mission that transcends groups and organizations. We respect and support a group’s effort to raise funds for their own community and we are more than happy to lead that effort. But we are equally honored to help schools and students without specific affiliations. We help students who desire nothing more than the best education that they can get, get the diploma they want so that they can attend the college they desire and get the degree they seek. A college where they can earn a degree that will lead them to the career that they desire the most.

  • We are your lifetime learning partner.  Our program can provide financial assistance for private school tuition for qualified Arizona students beginning as early as kindergarten.

  • We secure and provide scholarships for Arizona K – 12 students who want to attend Arizona Private Schools

  • We provide scholarships to students at all approved and certified Arizona Private Schools

  • We are committed to helping our students graduate from the High School of their choice

  • Our ApplicationPrep Program provides qualified students with information and support designed to help them consider, prepare and produce the materials they need to apply for college admission and financial aid
  • The Career For Me Program allows us to continue to provide students vital information about career planning and preparation
  • We work with a number of different local and national organizations that share our goal of helping students get the best education possible while securing as much financial aid as they can
  • We work to connect our students with our corporate partners and sponsors; we encourage our corporate partners to consider our students for intern, part time, full-time and career positions.