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The Opportunity Created By The Arizona Private School Tax Credit

Twenty years ago, students completed high school and received a High School diploma.  Then, they went on to college, earned a college degree and found a job.  For most people that was the end of their formal education.  In today’s dynamic academic and professional environments, change is constant and learning never stops.  Lifelong earning calls for lifelong learning.  And to be a lifelong learner, you need a partner that can make learning simple and affordable – maybe even free.  Having the career you want takes a plan.  You need help “leveling up.”

The Arizona Private School Tax Credit was created to provide every student that wants one an opportunity to attend the school of their choice.  But today, it has become an instrument for far too few and often inaccessible to many of families that need it most.  A Degree For Me wants to change that.

Through our A Diploma For Me program, we use funds collected through the Arizona Private School Tax Credit to provide private school scholarships for any student who wants one.  We also help Arizona families and students-with-financial need attend the school of their choice and earn the High School diploma they want.  Then, we build on those relationships.  A Degree For Me continues to provide support and guidance designed to help our students with their college preparation and admission and financial aid applications.  We begin working with students in the eighth or ninth grade.  We communicate directly with students or families and encourage them to think about their interests, about what they might want to “be”.  We stay connected as students head into high school so that we can provide insight for their college or career training preparation.  We offer advice about the information and data they’ll need to save and present on an application or for financial aid. We encourage and help students create a plan for a lifetime of learning and earning.

Then, we take the last step together.  Through The Career For Me, we help prepare and connect our college graduates with the companies that need them the most.  We provide job interviewing and application guidance so they can showcase the extraordinary achievements that will help bring them into the career that they want.

We help every Arizona student who wants to, get the diploma and pursue the degree that can put them on the path towards the career for a lifetime.

Why Is A Degree For Me For You?

A Degree For Me exists because learning never ends; and because most traditional learning isn’t free. In fact, learning in the twenty-first century can be expensive and complicated.

According to The Private School Review:

number of private schools
in Arizona
students enrolled in private schools
in Arizona
average tuition for private elementary and middle schools
average tuition for
private high school

According to The New York Times, in 2015

  • People with High School diplomas earned about $35,600 per year

  • People with Associate degrees from 2-year colleges earned $44,000 per year

  • People with four-year College degrees earned $65,500 per year

According to Statista and Big Future College Board:

  • There were 4,627 colleges and universities in the United States in 2015

  • There were 22,800,000 undergraduates enrolled in these colleges and universities

  • The average annual fee for tuition and required services at public institutions was $6,371 in 2015.

  • The average annual fee for tuition and required services at private institutions was $26,184 in 2015.

  • Student college debt was expected to top $1.4 trillion in 2016

A four-year college degree isn’t for everyone.  But a post high-school education opens doors and expands opportunities.  Cost and competition keep many middle-income and income-challenged families from providing their children with a quality education.  But every family faces challenges when it comes to school choice and educational excellence.  We want to present every student and all Arizona families with as many educational options as possible so they can give their children the opportunities they so desperately want. Those opportunities will change lives.

The good news is that today there are resources available that help students access and pay for an education – if they know how to look.  The most important is the Arizona Private School Tuition Tax Credit.  This tax credit is funded by Arizona taxpayers who want to ensure that every student has the chance to attend the private school of their choice.  The tax credit creates scholarship opportunities for all families so that any student who wants to can attend a private school in Arizona.

It is what A Degree For Me does – we provide scholarships for students who want to attend the private school of their choice.  And we create a relationship with our students in order to help them build their lifelong learning plans.