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A Diploma for Me

This is our number one priority. The Arizona Private School Tax Credit program allows us to receive contributions from Arizona Taxpayers for the specific purpose of providing scholarships and tuition assistance to students who attend private schools. Your contributions make it possible for any student who has the desire to attend the private schools of their choice.

We work with families across the state to assist them in securing tuition scholarships from the contributions we raise from taxpayers who are local families, community members and corporations. We work with any and all private schools regardless of faith affiliation or financial requirements. We believe that providing all students with a quality education is a mission that transcends groups and organizations. We respect and support a group’s effort to raise funds for their own community and we are more than happy to lead that effort. But we are equally honored to help schools and students without specific affiliations. We help students who desire nothing more than the best education that they can get, to get the diploma they want so that they can attend the college they desire and get the degree they seek. A college where they can earn a degree that will lead them to the career that they desire the most.

A Degree for Me

This is what makes us different from any other School Tuition Organization ever. We use the personal and financial information collected in that process to create an academic and economic profile of our scholarship students and their families.

Throughout our relationship with that student and family, we encourage the student to continually add any relevant academic, performance, or experiential information to their profile. We also encourage families to keep their economic data updated.

When our scholarship students reach 8th grade we begin a discussion about the college application and financial aid process. We offer insights to and suggestions about the kind of content they should be adding to their profile page. We also advise parents on the need to keep their economic profile data page current.

In addition to guiding them through the data-capture process we share with them information from vetted and trusted third party organizations about the rigors of applying for and gaining entrance into colleges and universities.

When the student begins the college application process, we seamlessly migrate the academic and financial information we have captured to the specific college admission and financial application forms. The process is seamless.

The Career for Me

This is our stretch goal. We are committed to working with local and national companies and businesses to not only secure their support but to introduce them to our scholarship students. We hope these introductions can lead to relationships the create internships for high school students and jobs for college graduates. Everyone is invested: students give their time, taxpayers make a contribution, the State of Arizona provides the program and businesses have provided their generous support. We want to make sure everyone’s hard work pays off. Because every student that succeeds is a win for everyone involved.