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Guiding Principles

We Believe:

  • Learning is a Lifelong Endeavor – To succeed means constantly “Leveling Up.”
  • A Lifelong Opportunity to Learn Provides a Lifelong Ability to Earn.
  • It takes a whole family working together to get a child through high school, into college and headed towards a career.
  • Every AZ Child Deserves the Chance to Earn a High School Diploma from the School of their Choice
  • Every AZ High School Graduate Deserves an Opportunity to Earn a College Degree or Learn a Trade or a Skill from the Institution of Their Choice.
  • A Solid Education Provides the Foundation for a Successful and Rewarding Career.  Careers Fulfill Dreams and Create Powerful Communities.
  • Arizona’s Private School Tuition Tax Credit and Corporate Income Tax Credit were created to support these principles. ADFM intends to use both of these Tuition Tax Credits to help all students achieve their learning and career goals.
  • ADFM will work with all approved schools; we will support any and all interested students and families and we will receive all qualified contributions.
  • At least 90% of all ITC Contributions will go to student scholarships.
  • At least 95% of all CTC contributions will go to student scholarships.
  • Students and families-in-need are our top priority.  We will provide services to help them succeed.
  • Every ADFM scholarship student will receive free access to and support from our Application Prep program.  Application Prep helps students and families prepare, plan and apply for College Admission and Financial Aid.  This support begins in the 9th Grade.
  • We will accomplish all of this and exceed the performance standards in the charitable giving industry by being 100% transparent, 100% of the time.
  • Use Eco and Socio-friendly marketing, communication and administrative methods.  No waste.  No Negativity.  Full transparency.  We’re helping design the future by empowering the next generation.